Lessons and Classes:

Spring Semester Lessons and Classes will culminate with a Recital & Showcase in June 2021 over Zoom

Musical Theatre – Voice & Performance

Musical Theatre is a unique American Art Form with a rich history and exciting appeal!  Students learn the fundamentals of vocal production and technique by singing scales, exercises, warm-ups, and learning to care for the voice. We study musical theatre performance technique including how to analyze a song, create a character, and deliver an emotional and connected song performance.  We work to develop and expand the student’s Broadway music repertoire with classic and contemporary ballads and up-tempos, readying the student for musical theatre auditions and performances.


"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances." - Sanford Meisner.  In Acting Clas, there are many areas from which we can choose to focus, depending on the student’s experience and unique goals: acting fundamentals, creating a character, script analysis, scene study, monologue, improvisation, theatre, film & tv, comedy, drama, audition technique, and more!  Lessons will be tailored to your specific needs and interests.  Drawing upon the teachings of many great masters, we use acting techniques and exersizes to get to the truth of every character and scene.


The art of great improvisation is to react quickly and spontaneously in unscripted creative scenarios. Studying, learning, and practicing improv teaches the student to think fast, fosters cooperation and teamwork, encourages character-creation and personality expression, and helps one to overcome shyness. Improv is quite fun as it typically leans toward the comedic side and encourages absurd and hilarious characterizations!  Please note, this topic is recommended for Group Classes only and not for individual study, as it is best practiced with multiple participants.


Let’s demystify the study of Shakespeare and use our modern understanding of drama to bring these amazing classic stories to life!  This topic can be tailored for you depending on the student’s age and experience. Elementary students will work with the “Shakespeare Can Be Fun!” book series by Lois Burdett with easy to read poetry for ages 7 and up, to learn about the stories, characters, and to practice and perform monologues.  Teens and Adults are instructed using actual folio text and learn the basics of iambic pentameter, plot, character, and emotional performance technique.  All students will develop reading comprehension skills, express themselves creatively, learn about William Shakespeare himself and about the Elizabethan Times in which he lived, and read and study a chosen play or plays. Remember, “All the World’s a Stage!”

Speech & Public Speaking

Students learn about the anatomy and mechanics of Voice & Speech production, proper breathing and alignment, diction and enunciation, techniques to calm and conquer nerves, and will rehearse for speeches, monologues, and/or poetry recitation. 


Putting pen to paper or fingers to keys, students learn how to devise, conceive of, and imagine their own story from a variety of inspirations, memories, collages, and improvisation. Students are then guided through the process of creating dialogue, character, and plot as we write, read-aloud, and give feedback and suggestions for rewrites.  Students will cultivate an understanding of story structure, character development, how to give each character a voice, proper formatting and presentation, and will complete their very own original script.

Prop & Costume Design

From inspiration and concept, to design and creation, students will learn how to analyze a script for clues as to the needs and functionality of props and costume pieces in the story, how to sketch and draw their basic design, collect samples of crafting materials and fabrics, and ultimately bring their creations to life!  Students will need to provide their own supplies and materials to construct their original creation.

Music, Drama, & Movement (Pre-K and K)

For our wee ones, we offer this active and exciting class that explores three areas of the performing arts though a series of fun activities and exercises.  Students are introduced to the fundamentals of the performing arts as we spark their creative imagination, freely express emotions, improve self-confidence, and foster a love of the performing arts.

Calendar & Pricing:

Spring Semester: January 4th through June 18th, 2021

Days/Times: Monday-Friday, afternoon & early evening

Spring Break (no lessons or classes): March 27th through April 11th

Zoom Recital & Showcase: June 19th & 20th

One-hour Private Lesson: $94

Thirty-minute Private Lesson: $47

Group Class for 5-8 Students: $250

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Resister by making payment with one of the "Buy Now" buttons below. Please note the options to 'Pay Month-by-Month' or 'Pay in Full: 22 Week Semester (Includes a 10% Discount).'  Email us the type of Lesson or Class you are booking, along with your preferred day and time options for our weekly sessions at robertglendecker@gmail.com.  We will confirm with you and reach out to complete a Student Intake form for more information about your unique interests and experience and to let you know of any special materials you will need for your lessons and/or classes. Thank you!

Private Lessons - Pay in Full: 22 Week Semester (includes a 10% Discount)

Spring Semester One-hour Private Lessons = $1,861.20

4 Thirty-minute Private Lessons = $188

Private Lessons - Pay Month-by-Month

4 One-hour Private Lessons = $376


Location- At this time, due to COVID-19 safety protocols, lessons and classes are held remotely via Zoom and are available nationwide in every Time Zone.  Requests for in-person instruction at your location in the Los Angeles area will be considered on a case by case basis with agreed upon social distancing and COVID-19 precautions in place.

10% Discount- A ten percent discount is offered to anyone paying the entire 22 week Spring 2021 semester in advance. The registration deadline to receive this discount is December 30th, 2020.

Age & Experience Level- Lessons and Classes are offered for students of all ages: elementary school, middle & high school, adult. Topics will be tailored to the specifc age of each student and lessons can be scaled up or down to accomodate everyone's level of experience.

Group Classes- Group Classes are for 5-8 Students are are coordinated by the booking party. For example, you book the Group Class session and then coordinate with your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. to fill 5-8 student spots.  For consistency and productivity of the class, it does have to be the same 5-8 students ongoing in every class.  You can decide how to handle splitting costs amonst your group. For example, if you have 8 students and split it evenly among the 8, and you use the Pay in Full option, then it breaks down to just $28 per student per class.

Half n’ Half Option- If booking One-hour Private Lessons, you do have the option to split the time into two different areas of study, if you wish. For example, half Musical Theatre Performance and half Acting. Or half Playwriting and half Shakespeare, etc.

Refunds- Refund requests must be made in writing. Refunds will not be given for any lessons or classes missed or cancelled within 24hrs of your scheduled lesson or class time.

Rescheduling a Lesson or Class- Requests to reschedule a lesson or class must be made by 8pm on the evening prior to your lesson day. Lessons or classes cancelled on the day-of will not receive a reschedule or refund.

Technical Requirements- Students will need a computer or laptop with access to Zoom and a good WiFi connection. 


For Questions, Registration assistance, and Booking days/times please email: robertglendecker@gmail.com.

Thank You!!


Group Classes - Pay Month-by-Month

4 One-hour Group Classes = $1,000

Spring Semester Thirty-minute Private Lessons = $930.60

Group Classes - Pay in Full: 22 Week Semester (includes a 10% Discount)

Spring Semester One-hour Group Classes = $4,950